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Data Communication Solutions

We offer a complete service

From consulting, design and manufacture, to installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We can provide you the service and support that best fits your business, and more!

Design & Build

From concept, to creation and delivery

We provide R&D of electronic solutions, whether it's a product "from scratch" or utilising and integrating already available products.
Experienced in CAD and PCB design and layout, we also manufacture and assemble prototypes and samples, and production runs of small numbers to 1000+. We ensure product testing is to customer specifications and meets relevant compliance standards.

Deploy & Effect

Qualified and experience contract labour resource

HCOM provides site maintenance services and contract resource for the deployment of new systems. Mike is a certified telecommunications rigger and has a good range of reliable test equipment for use on location.
Our logistical approach to site work includes providing our clients with accurate and thorough reporting, and supporting work-site safety with the use of appropriate H&S planning.

Service & Repair

Test-bench service to maintain and repair

Our test-bench service provides additional options for end of life products still in service. We can maintain these, service them and potentially replace parts to prolong their working life.
Products are only as good as they work for you to improve your business. With this always in our mind, we are committed to this part of the process whether we are providing the products or not.

Direct & Advise

Client consultation for planning or resolving issues

Our enduring industry experience means that we are often able to suggest creative ways to identify problems, and resolve them. In some circumstances we are able to remotely monitor equipment in service or "login" remotely to client systems in order to provide technical support.
We are happy to advise and assist with the planning and implementation of system upgrade pathways or with entirely new communication systems.

Some successful solutions

With our focus on the practical, these are examples of solutions that 'work'

IP Receivers

St Johns Ambulance NZ
Improve St John's ability to maintain consistently reliable nation-wide communication links for their emergency paging/ messaging network.

HCOM designed and manufactured a portable message receiver that could be taken to a coverage area to “catch” all of St John’s local message traffic, passing the results back to an online software solution for monitoring. The software has a search facility to look at particular messages on specific days, groups of messages, or specific contacts, etc. This system provides a traceability solution from the source of the message to the end user. The design was for an end to end solution; a portable receiver ready to deploy, through to the remote software monitoring. We supplied St Johns several complete units for field use around New Zealand.

Wireless Alarm Monitoring

CommSystems Ltd (based in LAOS)
Miner’s accommodations, in a Laos gold mine, required notification of smoke alarm activations to be able to be received across the whole mine site. This required a non-standard solution due to the remote nature of the site and it’s expanse, and a wireless design for ease of installation into pre-existing buildings.

HCOM designed wireless hardware to connect through an access point and onto a third party API (Application Programming Interface). The API distributes the smoke alarm status to specific email addresses, mobile phones, and a monitored software solution. This project involved a reasonably large- scale production, with hardware for around 80 accommodation units.
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