Supply, Design & Build

Holland Communications Ltd provide products and support within the telecommunications industry.


We are pleased to announce that Radata Systems NZ Ltd and Holland Communications Ltd are now operating as one. We will continue, under the Holland Communications banner, to offer products, services and support to customers of both companies, with a focus on offering excellence in customer service and a transition that is as seamless as possible. If we can assist you with anything, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

IoT & Comms

Designed and manufactured custom solutions for IoT projects, communication systems, also interface and protocol conversion solutions.

CAD & PCB Design

We have experience with CAD and PCB software including Altium, Protel, Eagle, KiCAD and LibraCAD.


Managed production of prototypes and samples through to production runs of greater than 1000+ units.

Our Customers

Include Local Authorities, Utility Network providers, emergency service providers, commercial radio stations, international communication companies, entrepreneurs and innovators.


  • Support for existing systems
  • Contract resource for new systems
  • Telecommunications rigging
  • Range of communications test equipment available


  • Supply of OEM and Custom Products
  • R&D of electronic solutions
  • CAD/ PCB design and build
  • Manufacture and assembly of prototypes and samples
  • Production runs
  • Product testing to customer specifications and/or compliance standards


  • Assistance with new communication systems
  • System upgrade paths
  • Product design, testing and assembly