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Data Communication Solutions

Answers to FAQs…


How are products on the HCOM website priced?

No matter where our products originate from, all of our pricing is shown in NZD and is exclusive of G.S.T, unless otherwise stated. Pricing is set at our standard retail rates. Once you have a Website Login we will also provide you with a customer specific “trade” discount code to apply to your Quote Summary, if you are one of our trade customers. Our “repeat” retail customers will also be provided with a customer specific discount code.


What are the benefits of having my own Website Login?

Once you can access our website through a personal login you will be able to:

  • apply customer specific product discounts;
  • create, name and save online quotations;
  • convert those quotes into online orders when you are ready;
  •  access stored customer specific information (for example, network diagrams shared with HCOM, site maintenance reports prepared by HCOM, a register of serial numbers from products purchased through HCOM, with warranty dates etc).


Can my organisation have multiple logins?

Yes. If you have a number of different staff who might need to price products or place orders then you can opt for individual logins to keep things simple.


How do I apply for Login Access to the HCOM website?

Click on this link and complete the form at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you within 24 hours (during weekdays).


Do you keep all products in stock?

No, there are far too many items for us to stock everything! The other factor is that a lot of the items need to be tuned to a specific frequency and so we need to order them once we know what you are after. The smaller things (cable and connectors), and also some antennas, circulators, lightning protectors and such, we maintain a small stock of for your convenience. Talk to us if there is something you need on an ongoing basis that would be really helpful if we kept in stock…


How long do I have to wait to receive goods I have ordered?

We have products that come in from all over the globe (Australia, Canada, China, USA, Czech Republic, etc) and each of the companies we do business with have differing turn around times. So it may be a week, or a month, but we will keep you in the loop! We should be able to give you a reasonable idea when we know what you want to order. And as soon as we have received an estimated despatch date from our supplier we will pass this on to you.

If you need something urgently then do tell us at the earliest possible time and we will endeavour to get it here as soon as is humanly possible!


If I am purchasing a larger quantity of goods can I negotiate a better price?

Yes of course! We will always work to get the best price we can from our suppliers for you.


Will there be any charges that are additional to the goods I order?

Perhaps. If we are ordering product from overseas for you then there would normally be a shipping cost and this cost would depend on where the products are coming from, and whether they are yours alone or a combined order with another customer. We will always give you a quote for this cost before we confirm your order, and it will always include the domestic delivery to your door.

There are most likely Customs fees associated with products that are imported. We will let you know this cost before your order is confirmed.


Are my goods insured during transit?

They certainly are. Whether you are sending items to us for servicing or repair, or we are sending them to you (new or used), we have a Transit Insurance Policy with a cover of up to $50,000. If you are sending goods to us then you will need to let us know prior to shipping them, in order to fulfill the requirements of our cover.


How does Covid-19 affect the operation of this business?

Firstly, we are fully vaccinated, and have masks on board our vehicles and at our base! We have QR signage on display at our office and workshop and will encourage you to scan on arrival..

Locally and in relation to “on-site” maintenance work, we will only be affected by Covid-19 if there is a lockdown in place that prevents us from working at a clients jobsite.

Otherwise, there could be a possible delay in receiving parts or products on order from overseas. To date, however, we have not been too adversely affected by this.

As our workshop and office are based at our home address it’s business as usual for us in terms of design and manufacturing, bench testing and servicing, processing new website/email orders for products, and consultation work.


How do I open a Customer Credit Account?

Under our Support Tab you will find an online and downloadable copy of our Customer Credit Application. Complete this and either submit it, or scan and email it, and we will be in touch shortly with your new account details.


Can I open a Cash Only Account?

Yes absolutely! You can handle this one of two ways. If you want us to keep track of your purchases and send you statements when there is some account activity then you can download our Customer Credit Application and complete the first two boxes (Business name and contact details) and the last box (Agreement to our Terms and Conditions of Sale). Once you have scanned and emailed the form back to us we will set up your Customer Account which will operate on a pre-pay basis.

The alternative, if you just want to make a one-off purchase, is to use our enquiry form on the Contact Tab of our Home Page to provide us with your name, contact details, delivery address and what you want to purchase. We will email you a pro-forma invoice and once we have received payment we will order the goods (if not already in stock) and despatch them to you as soon as possible. We will also provide you with the relevant tracking information once the goods are on their way.