The Coronavirus Effect…

October 6th, 2021

Bugger! Recent notice from our global suppliers of data radios, antennas and such advise that price increases are either about to happen or have already been implemented. We note that our local suppliers have also increased their pricing. Although HCom have absorbed the increases on any products we have quoted on to date, we are having to look at adjusting our prices moving forward.

The spread of Covid-19 has halted manufacturers and sidelined port workers and truck drivers, impeding the production and distribution of electronic components on a global scale. Delays in manufacturing, due to a global shortage of electronic parts, has also started to effect the delivery timeframe of imported goods and is hampering our output time on in-house manufacturing, although we have historically maintained a reasonable stock level of components for our own products. The extent of the delay depends on the supplier and their current stock levels at the time we place an order. We have been pretty lucky to date but have noticed some delay over the last month or so.

The cost of shipping has also increased significantly over recent months and so we encourage clients to consider ordering additional units to hold in stock where possible. We do try and keep a unit or two on hand for client emergencies but due to the large range of frequency requirements over our client base we cannot always cover everyone’s needs. Talk to us if you are looking at placing an order and we will be able to give you a delivery timeframe. If you are considering the purchase of additional units to hold in stock then let us know and we will contact our supplier to ensure we get you the best possible price for the product and the freight.

While this news is undesirable, if not inevitable, we are fortunate to be largely unaffected (in the great scheme of things) here in the South Island of New Zealand. Long may that last!

Wishing everyone a productive and profitable end to 2021, and a restful and restorative summer break.