Introducing the RACOM RipEX-2

February 15th, 2021


with a limited-time-only offer of a Complimentary Master Key!

RipEX is an industrial grade radio modem platform, renowned for overall data throughput in any real time environment. All models have been designed with attention to detail, performance and quality. With State of the art concepts fully implemented, Racom rightly have the status of market leaders in their field.


RipEX was developed for use within mission critical SCADA applications for the Utilities and Oil & Gas industries. However, such is the versatility of RipEX, it is also used in Farming, Marine industries, Mining, Fleet management, Security/Surveillance and the Renewable Energy sector.

It proved to be the only radio sufficiently immune to outside interference when used with remote cameras in coverage of Tour de France. It was even the radio of choice for air to air and air to ground communications during test flights of the Airbus E-Fan aircraft.
Operating in over 100 countries, RipEX truly is everywhere around us, from the Poles to the Equator, working seamlessly in the background providing us all with an improved quality of life.

The 1st generation RipEX was introduced to the market in 2011, is now used in thousands of installationsand has developed the reputation of ‘best-in-class’.
The 2nd generation radio, the RipEX-2 was released in 2019, setting a new standard and providing significant improvements in data speed, security features and interfaces. with the possibility to add expansion-cards for GPS, LTE- and IoT-capabilities.

RipEX2 has an expansion board which radically extends its usage; GPS for location or precision timing and cellular network connectivity as examples. Huge amounts of data can be transferred over the cellular network with the licensed narrowband used for critical data in case of cellular network outage. The expansions would even enable connectivity to 5G networks and IoT applications, collecting and transmitting data from IoT-sensors in remote locations.

Different modes of operation and different protocols allow users to customize their network to match their exact needs, supporting both legacy and the newest RTU’s within the same network. This enables unique solutions, offering optimal data throughput and stability for any application.

Every part of the network can be remotely monitored and analyzed using industry leading software, in real time and with save to file analysis capability. Alarms can be set where appropriate with reports and notifications generated. These are features that engineers find particularly intuitive and useful within RipEX networks.

RipEX is the perfect answer for Migration solutions. No changes to the legacy network or additional hardware are required. The migration can be performed as part of a standard maintenance program and gradual one by one replacements can be made allowing you to Pay as you Grow!

Enquire with HCom now. We are having a play with a couple of “demo” units at home base, so talk to us about what this great product can do for you. And remember, RACOM are currently offering a Complimentary Master Key, normally valued at $700, which enables all available software upgrades!

**Offer now expired**