CalAmp Viper is now known as the NextGen Viper!

March 22nd, 2021

HCOM has just received advice from CalAmp that they have now transferred full ownership of the Viper SC+ to NextGen RF Design. Effective immediately, the Viper SC+ will be rebranded as a NextGen product.

In 2009, CalAmp engaged NextGen RF Design as their Design Service Provider and by 2013 these companies had collaboratively developed the Viper SC+ Modem.

In 2020, NextGen acquired from CalAmp the manufacturing rights to the Viper SC+ which meant that, although CalAmp were still the IP holders and sellers of this product, all units were built at the NextGen facility. Now, a year on, they own full rights to this product.

NextGen RF’s engineeering and project management teams have the knowledge, experience and technical acument to provide successful solutions for the multipe facets and challenges of new or existing product design. Their lab is equipped with state-of-the-art design/ testing equipment and is paired with a premier manufacturing centre. They were founded in 2008 and specialise in RF/Wireless products.

NextGen intends to conduct a  substantial redesign effort on the Viper over the coming 2-3 years to look at feature and performance enhancements, and to modernise the Bill of Materials on this product to future proof the manfacturing cabability. This is great news for the future of this product!

We understand that, for the time being, the only change for the end user will be the rebranding of the product (as sh0wn above).

HCOM looks forward to seeing the potential enhancements to this product which secure its place as a reliable and enduring product that remains competitive with the other products on the marketplace.